GEORGE KABILA: Urgent Assistance


Hauptdarsteller: George Kabila
  Sohn des ermordeten Präsidenten von Kongo, Laurent Desire Kabila
Gustav Schlawiner
  Pfarrer der St. Nimmerleins Gemeinde zu Bunkenstedt
eMail-Adresse: †
Handlung: George besitzt 28 Mio. US$, gelagert in einer security company, aus einem geheinen Diamantendeal, den sein Vater kurz bevor seiner Ermordung durch die eigenen Leibwächter eingefädelt hatte. Er sucht einen Parnter, der mit ihm das Geld ins Ausland schafft. Georges raffgieriger Bruder Joseph, derzeit Präsident vom Kongo, darf davon aber nix mitkriegen.
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Re Urgent Assistance

Kindly allow me the modesty of introducing myself. I am GEORGE KABILA, the son of the former head of state/ president of Congo-Kinshasha (then called Zaire) Mr. Laurent Desire Kabila.

I got your particulars through the South African Chamber of Commerce; However, I am contacting you in order to ask for your assistance on this confidential Business proposal with full financial benefit for both of us.

Before I go into further details please be informed that I am writing without any other person(s) pre-knowledge of my contacting you on this transaction. Therefore I will appreciate same attitude to be maintained all through.

I have the sum of USD28Million from a secret sale of Diamond by my father before he was assassinated by one of his body guard (Rashid) on January 16th 2001, which I will like you to receive on my behalf due to security reasons, as my narration below will explain. But before I continue be well informed that your share in this transaction has been calculated at 13% of the total sum of USD$28M, 5% for expenses and the rest for my family and me.

My father as a real African traditionalist was a polygamist thereby having married so many wives, and my mother being the second wife of my father, my stepbrother Joseph, who is the current president of my country, is the son of the first wife and he does not have any knowledge about this deal.

Already president Joseph is using his power to colonize all the money and private property, which my father left behind for the whole family. Now my mother and I are left with nothing in the inheritance of my late father's wealth. Our situation is seriously critical that we need your assistance to help us receive these funds overseas for proper investment.

Let me quickly assure you the 100% safe proof of this transaction because the diamond sales are packaged from the onset in a pattern that shows no direct trace or linkage with us (Kabila family). At present the money is in cash and is secured in a security company as family treasures here in Accra Ghana which was where my father deposited it, as I don't want to deposit the money in a financial institution for fear of the funds being confiscated

The consignment will be released within seven (7) days of my being in receipt of your reply via my email address above only for security reasons.

I am waiting for your swift and favorable response, and in case you have any question(s), do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,
N.B. You can also contact me through this my alternative email address or also through my phone number +233-24516981 here in Accra
George schreibt tatsächlich
von einer ghanaischen IP.
Dear Sir,

the LORD has sent me your kind email.

I am reverend Gustav Schlawiner from St. Nimmerleins Church ( in Bunkenstedt/Germany.
Our holy church is in a very bad condition, the roof leaks, walls and windows are broken and it's moisture over all.
A collection within the members of our little congregation brought only the poor sum of 27,456 Euros, but the refurbishment of our holy church will cost a minimum of fivehundredthousand (500,000!) Euros.
So I am very happy that you sent me this proposal just for the right time. I would like to give you assistance in your affair, please send me further details.


kind regards


Hier boxt der Papst im Kettenhemd:
So so, über 27 Teuros sind bei dem Pfaffen zu holen. Da wird George doch sicher anbeissen:
Attention: REV. Gustav Schlawiner,

How are you, hope all is well, thank you very much for your email, first I must show my appreciation and gratefulness because you came to my assistance and I know that we are going to make a very good partner as time goes on, mean while I received your E-mail and I feel that the content demands explanations, thanks once again for your prompt response to my email and interest in this business, which is of mutual benefit to both parties.

I contacted you because of your position and I know people like you are worthy to be trusted with money

So my friend the modalities for this transaction are already set the remaining is for us to have an understanding

Now further to this arrangement the only issue as to initiating take-off of this transaction would be as regards your part.

You must be aware that the funds we are to deal with is large and as such may require a lot of attention and commitedness to execute and the transaction also requires that you keep it strictly to yourself only (i.e secrect).

My father acquired this wealth when he was the president of my country shortly before his bodyguard assassinated him; these funds have already been deposited with a Holding company here in Accra Ghana as family treasure and for safekeeping. And this Holding company functions as a place/firm/company where valuables are kept and CAN BE SENT TO ANY PLACE AROUND THE WORLD WHERE THEY HAVE THEY AFFILIATE BRANCHES OR SECONDLY WITH THERE DIPLOMATIC CARRIAGE SYSTEM AND THEY ALSO DO SOME OTHER BUSINESSES WHICH A HOLDING COMPANY DOES.

So I need you as a foreign partner who will receive this consignment/funds overseas on behalf of I and my mother.

For this transaction to progress I will require your Full details (your Home Address, also your mobile phone number and Your office Address, Your Home/office phone and fax numbers, your religion and your marital status, and your Occupation in order to facilitate the transaction).

Upon the receipt of this requirement, I will proceed to the Holding Company and do a change of the original name of deposit of this consignment to your name as the new beneficiary of the consignment, and immediately a certificate will be issued to this effect, which I will send a copy to you.

You are expected to receive this consignment overseas and open a bank account where these funds will be lodged in for proper investment in your country, and most important thing is you being honest to me when this money comes into your care.

So, you have to send the above requirements, and contact me immediately through my email address, for more briefing about this transaction, When you reply me, I will brief you on the necessary steps I have taken to for the successful transfer of this Funds to your country within the shortest possible time depending on your cooperation for proper investment in your country.

I hope that from my explanations that you have understood what the business is all about and why I need you if you have any questions do not fail to ask

Finally, I will want to assure you that this transaction is hundred percent risk-free and Please I would want you to contact me with my telephone number immediately you get this email

My number is +233-24516981

I await your urgent response and call, please reply immediately

Best Regards,

N.B Please find attached to this email is a picture of part of the money before my late father deposited it with the security company here

Die Knete
Warum sehen diese Geldkisten immer so ähnlich aus?
Dear Mr. Kabila,

how are you?

Thank you very much for your quick response, you can be sure that everything will be handled with absolute discretion and reliability.

Here are my required personal details:
Rev. Gustav Schlawiner c/o St. Nimmerleins Kirche
Auf dem Holzweg 23
D-23456 Bunkenstedt
Fax: +49-304-479053
Phone: +49-13-7837822
I am a catholic Baptist and as a priest I'm not married.

I have attached a photo of me and my church to this email. Please send me also a few documents proving your identity,


Yours faithfully

Rev. Gustav Schlawiner   st_nimmerleins_church
Ist er nicht hübsch, unser Pfarrer? Die Faxnummer gehört der ghanaischen Botschaft in Berlin, die Telefonnummer ist spamvertized.
Dear Rev.,

Thanks for your email, and also for understanding the need to keep the transaction secrect.

Please I will be going to the security company now to fill the change of beneficiary form with the details that you have just sent to me.

Please I would want you to contact me in the next two hours with my phone number +233-24516981 so that I will let you know the outcome of things at the security company

I would have loved to call you but internation calls here are made in public phone booths at a center and it is not safe for me to discuss about this transaction there

So please I am rushing to the security company now before they close work for the day and I wait for your call



What kind of identification do you need from me a copy of my internation passport of what??
Nach Ghana telefonieren? Abharken, so einfach geht das nicht.
Dear Mr. Kabila,

I can't contact you by telephone, because all my telephone bills are being controled by the archbishop of Wümmerode.

The archbishop is a very leery man and he would ask me some unpleasing questions about a telephone call to Ghana. It is better for us when he does not know about our deal. From public callboxes in Bunkenstedt a call to non european foreign countries is not possible, so we better talk by email.

Again thank you very much for your efforts with the security company. Can I visit the security company in the internet?

A copy of your international passport or even your driving license would be OK for me.

Dear brother, what can I do for you? I pray for your soul in the evening and I light a candle for you in my church.

GOD bless you!

Yours faithfully

Dear Rev,

Thanks for your email, I also understood the points that you are making in your email please it is very necessary that we hear from each other

Please your fax Machine, is it only you that has access to any faxes to this machine, please I would want only you to have assess to this documents or if not please send me your confidentail fax number

The certificate of change of beneficiary is out today and I will be sending it across to you and my Identification papers as well

I want you to know that I will be very busy today, because I am making every necessary arrangement to make sure that this consignment leaves this country today

I will be checking my email at intervals to know whether you have replied based on the fax number etc

Also yesterday I tried to know whether I can get you with your contact number but the number is not going through because it was saying that there is an error in connection so please send to me your contact numbers again and also your fax number, please if possible send me your mobile phone number if you have one

I wait for your email


Schade, die Faxnummer der Botschaft sollte doch eigentlich funktionieren.
Dear George,

do you fell allright?

You may send me the document to the fax number I gave you, it is the +49-304-479053. This fax machine is in my personal office and I am the only one who has access to it. My phone number is +49137837822 and yes, I have a cell phone too, but it is over ten years old and quite rickety, the accu is very weak. The handys number is +4916685390202, but there's no guarantee that it will work properly.

My son, I bless you and I pray for you and your murdered father in heaven. AMEN.

kind regards

Nochmal die Handynummer eines Spammers.
Dear Rev,

How are you, I hope that you are fine, I am very sorry for not being able to write you since it is because I have been very busy here with the process of transfering the consignment out of this country, this was why I have not been able to send you the faxes

Today I succeeded in transfering the consignment out of this country and the diplomats that carry consignments for the securiy company have already left this country this afternoon with the consignment

And it is quite unfortunate that the directors of the security company told me that they can not be able to transfer the consignment to Germany but they could be able to transfer the consignment to Amsterdam. So I told them to please transfer the consignment to Amsterdam since it is very close to Germany

So today I collected the certificate of change of benenficiary which is now in your name as the new benenficiary/owner of the consignment containing the funds and also I have the receipt of the charges that I paid here which I am supposed to fax to you by tomorrow. Today also I paid for the demurrages that this consignment has accumulated since it was deposited at the security company since 2001 and also I paid for the shippment and frieght charges to Amsterdam and all these cost me USD20,800.00

The procedure is this stage is this, once the diplomats carrying the consignment arrive at Amsterdam, they will contact you through your phone number to let you know about there arrival so that you can come forward and clear your consignment and once you receive this call I will want you to immediately contact with me about this so that we can make further arrangement

Also when they contact you they will let you know where they are in Amsterdam and as well give you there contact numbers in Amsterdam so that you can use it to be calling them to let them know when you are coming over to clear the consignment.

So after clearing the consignment then we will then share the funds to our respective percentages and also open some accounts where we will lodge the funds bit by bit for onward transfer to your the country for invesment purposes

I hope that you have understood what I am saying so please I will want you to try respond to this email immediately so that I will know that you got my email and understood all the contents

Please if there is any thing you do not understand please let me know

So please I wait for your email

Kindest Regards

Da hätten wir schon mal die Auslagen, die der gute George bestimmt wenig später von umserem Gottesmann gern zurück bekommen würde.

How are you today, please I have sent you email yesterday to let you know the position of things but I have not received any reply to that email from you

Secondly, I have been trying to know whether I can get you on the line but the numbers that you gave me are not working, I was told by the operator that helps me to dail the numbers that your fax number and telephone number is suppose to be twelve on the whole including german access code 49, but the number that you sent to me is only eleven

Also your mobile phone number is suppose to be twelve but the numbers that you sent to me is thirteen in number so please check all thgese things and get back to me so that I will know how to get you on the phone inorder for me to send you the documents

Please respond to my email


Diese ewigen Telefonschwierigkeiten...
Dear Rev,

After trying for a long time to know whether I can get you on the line without success and also your fax machine is the same

I decided to send you my identification papers through email attachment

SO please find attached to this email is my passport photograph which should be a sort of identification for me

I am still waiting for your response to my last email


George kabila
So sieht er also aus, der gute George.
Dear Mr. Kabila,

how are you? You may have wondered why I did not reply to your mails but I have been in Hospital for five days because I was suffering from acute delirium tremens. Now I am home at my parsonage and feel much better, thank GOD.

Thank you very much for paying the fee for the security company and the shipping. You will get back all this money with interests and more from me when the transaction is over. Will I have to travel to Amsterdam myself or how will the transaction be performed? Will I have to open one or more bank accounts for our deal or will you do that for me?

Dear brother, I have a new cell phone, my old one is totally broken and I've thrown it away. The new number is +491788652803, you see, the number is 12 digits long. But my fax number is still +49-304-479053, what the operator told you, is only right for cell phone numbers, the length of fax and normal telephone numbers may vary from 9 to 13 digits in germany.

Also thank your for sending me the copy of your passport, now I can imagine how my generous benefactor looks like.

I'm awaiting your response, MAY THE GREAT GOD BLESS YOU.

kind regards

Rev. Gustav Schlawiner

Leider ist unser wackerer Pfarrer inzwischen schwer erkrankt...
Dear Rev,

Thanks for your email, I have been very worried since I did not hear from you for some time and the diplomats carrying the consignmnet are complaining that they have been trying to contact you since and they have not be able to get you, infact this issue put me under a very tight condition because I do not know what to do.

So I will be rushing to the security company now to give them you new mobile phone number so that they will contact the diplomats in Amsterdam and give them the number so that they can contact you immediately

Also I will try my best and know whether it will be possible for me to get the contact numbers of the diplomats as well so that I can forward it to you so that you can contact them as well

I am very sorry to have learnt about your sickness and I hope that you have fully recovered. I am very sorry for that

Realy, once the diplomats contact you, you have to collect there contact numbers from them and inform them when you will be coming over to Amsterdam to clear the consignment

After clearing the consignment and on your arrival to Germany, you have to contact me so that I will start coming over to meet with you so that we can share the funds to our different percentages, although since you have gotten a good cell phone number I will be reaching you from time to time to know the position of things

Please if you can please call me up from your new cell phone

My number is still 233-24516981
I wait for your call and response to my email
...was George natürlich aufs tiefste beauert.
Dear Rev.,

How are you, I tried to call you yesterday, but it was very hard for me to get through and there was a time the number ring without any body picking it..

I was at the security company yesterday and I gave them your number contact number so that they can send it to the diplomats in Amsterdam for them to contact you with it

Also I was given the contact numbers of the diplomat so that if possible for you, you can as well use it to contact them

You can reach them with this number 31-630845196, when you call this number please, tell them that you want to talk to Dan Lima or John Korang, whoever you get on the line, tell him that you were directed to contact him by George Kabila who sent you a consignment from Accra Ghana here

That you are calling to know when it will be convenient for them to realise your consignment to you

Please what ever is the outcome of this your discussion with them please let me know

I am waiting for your response


Dear George,
are you feeling good?

Please accept my excuse for my late response, but I was very busy this weekend, we had four weddings and a funeral. Yesterday there was the great procession for the honour of the holy St. Spekulatius, I had to go two kilometers around the church on my bleeding knees, while I was beating myself with a whip, that's our catholic baptist tradition and I'm a strong believer.

After this very laborious weekend the archbishop has sent me to a recreation home of our church in Apeldoorn/Netherlands for two weeks. From there I can travel to Amsterdam at short notice. Dear brother, I've tried to contact Mr. Lima or Mr. Korang with the number you gave me, but the operator told me, the number is not reachable or so, I'm a little bit deaf and my knowledge of the spoken english language is not the best, so I could not understand all she said. Are these men trustworthy? Remember always the words of the great prophet Marius, in Exitus 08,15 he says: "Neger die sind dunkel, im Dunkeln lässt sich's munkeln..."

GOD bless you, my son.


Gustav Schlawiner
Das Schicksal eines strenggläubigen katholischen Baptisten ist echt™ hart.

Zum Glück weiss Prophet Marius Trost...
Dear Rev.,

Thanks for your email, I was very worried when I did not hear from you, and I felt that maybe you illness started again and I was very worried about this.

Also I have tried to reach you through your new cell phone number but sometimes I will hear a ring tone and sometimes I will not hear anything

However I got a message from the security company here that the diplomats have been trying to contact you with your telephone numbers but that the numbers will ring without no body answering, and this was a disturbing situation for me

Please I will want you to please keep trying to contact the diplomats immediately you get this email please so that you can start communication with them and they will let you know how you can come and locate them and clear the consignment

Dan Liman is a trusted person which I know and this was why I went on to this business with that company

So please once you get my email, please try and call them immediately and know whether you will get them, remember there contact number again is 31630845196

I wait for your email



Und auch hier ist die Geschichte zuende, denn George schien der ständigen vergeblichen Telefoniererei überdrüssig oder er hatte langsam Lunte gerochen. Schade, das hätte der Beginn einer wunderbaren Freunschaft werden können.